Our Commitment To Excellence

We aim to ensure that every job is carried out to the highest possible standard. To achieve this, we have continually invested in the most advanced tools to carry out each job. We have a range of equipment, including a thermal imaging camera for fast detection of leaks and heating problems; a commercial power flushing machine; and ground microphonessignal generators and CAT scanners for tracing the route of below ground drainage, burst underground drainage, buried manholes or concealed pipework (up to a depth of 15 metres). We also have CCTV drainage cameras including a large self-levelling camera and a mini camera for smaller pipework (these allow us to provide you with drawings and DVDs of the before and after condition of your drains). For drain and pipe cleaning we also have a high pressure jetting machine and portable mechanical pipe cleaning equipment, specifically designed to clean pipework sized 38mm-230mm of a range of obstructions from grease and hard scale to tree roots. For floods, we have pumps and wet vacuums to ensure that as much can be removed as possible.